Next Tuesday and Wednesday (07.-08.02.2012) the Enterprise 2.0-Summit 2012 will take place in Paris.
I am really looking forward to this one. Not only because we will discuss our research results on two panels on Social Business Analytics and Social Maturity Strategies, but also because our partner Allianz will report on the implementation of the Allianz-wide Enterprise Social Network.
Having been observer of many companies who implemented social software in the last five years and also been actively supporting several companies in the last year, thus having quite some possibilities of comparison, I have to say what Patrick Rumpel and Michael Wegscheider and their team have achieved in the last moths is impressing. This is certainly a case study that many other companies could (and should) learn from.

A note on the panels:

  • In the “Social Business Analytics” panel we will discuss a question that has been discussed for years now and is still not answered. Can we measure or show the impact of Social Software- and if, HOW? My collegue Christian will show some preliminary results of a study on the status quo of success measurement of Social Software and present how we tackled the success measurement in some of our projects.
  • In the “Social Maturity Strategies” panel I will briefly present the lately published SNEP model which is the output of a international project with Sydney University and supported by Yammer. Moreover I hope to discuss a finding from a multi case study (of about 20 Enterprise-Projects: the Paradox of Social Software Implementation: “granting flexibility vs. pursuing stability”.
Upcoming: Enterprise 2.0-Summit 2012 in Paris
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