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Laura Stojko, Lin Lin, Roman Soucek, Klaus Moser, Michael Koch (2024) Introducing a Gamification Element in Enterprise Collaboration Platforms: Only a Flash in the Pan or a Lasting Effect?, Proc. of the 22nd European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Bonn: EUSSET, doi:10.48340/ecscw2024_n08

Alexander Richter, Michael Koch, Michael Prilla (2024) CSCW – past, present and future, i-com 23(1), url, doi:10.1515/icom-2024-0023


Laura Stojko, Michael Koch (2023) Personalizing Large Information Radiators Using Emotion Recognition, Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband, GI, url, doi:10.18420/MUC2023-MCI-WS12-242

Coleen Cabalo, Lars Gatzemeyer, Lukas Mathes (2023) Evaluating the engagement of users from public displays, Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband, doi:10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws13-282

Wolfgang Buhl, Klaas-Frederik Engel, Viktor Buller (2023) Evaluation of a gamification approach for increasing interaction with public displays, Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband, doi:10.18420/muc2023- mci- ws13- 344

Jonas Lacher, Laura Bieschke, Florian Michalowski, Johannes Münch (2023) Using machine learning to determine attention towards public displays from skeletal data, Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband, doi:10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws13-293

Mandy Balthasar (2023) Balancing Strengths and Weaknesses in Human-Machine Decision Making, Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband, doi:10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws16-388

Jan Schwarzer, Julian Fietkau, Laurenz Fuchs, Susanne Draheim, Kai von Luck, Michael Koch (2023) Exploring Mobility Behavior Around Ambient Displays Using Clusters of Multi-dimensional Walking Trajectories, Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA ’23), ACM, doi:10.1145/3544549.3585661

Julian Fietkau (2023) Software Tools for Recording and Viewing Body Tracking Data, Mensch und Computer 2023 Workshop-Proceedings, doi:10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws13-334

Michael Koch, Julian Fietkau, Laura Stojko (2023) Setting up a Long-Term Evaluation Environment for interactive semi-public Information Displays, Mensch und Computer 2023 Workshop-Proceedings, doi:10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws13-356