Compatibility of support and autonomy in personalized HCI (report)

Erscheinungsjahr: 2020

Author(s): Fietkau, Julian; Balthasar, Mandy


Developers and designers of interactive digital systems are faced with many challeng-es, some less visible than others. One of these more subtle balancing acts is between personalized user support and unrestricted user autonomy. It raises the question how a supportive design that takes a user’s needs and preferences into account can be implemented within a technical system while at the same time allowing the user to make decisions freely without restrictions. How can autonomy by design be incorpo-rated into the process? In this paper we describe the breadth of choice heuristic, which can show where the support of the user by the system stops and a restriction of the user’s autonomy begins. To this end, we reference existing literature on similar issues, develop our own conclusions and apply them to our work in a project on IT for elderly people.

Full reference:

Fietkau, J., & Balthasar, M. (2020). Compatibility of support and autonomy in personalized HCI. doi:10.18726/2020_8


Interaction design, ethics, persuasive design, privacy, user autonomy, value sensitive design



DOI: 10.18726/2020_8