After nearly 7 years, I am leaving Bundeswehr University Munich by the end of the year. Already since 1.10. I am part-time working at the University of Zürich as “Oberassistent” in the group of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe.
The team I am about to join is known for and very successful in designing IT that supports various synchronous personal advisory situations – in domains like banking, crime prevention, public service and energy.
I will be heading and trying to further grow a group of researchers working in the same field as I did before (and therefore the unit is called): „Innovation & Networked Organisations“. I am looking forward to challenging new tasks and get to know a different scientific and cultural environment.
At the same time I am really grateful for the time I have spent in the group of Michael Koch and proud of what we have achieved. I will be staying part of CSCM and further collaborate on several occasions like the Exist-Startup familyvision or the promising research projects we recently started e.g. the analysis of organizational information flows.
I will keep the acknowledgments for another opportunity, this is just a notice, not a real farewell. ;)

Personal Notice (Alexander Richter): I am leaving UniBw
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