In the following week the 22th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2011) is taking place in Sydney. Even though our research group was quite present at Australian conferences in the last years (ACIS, PACIS, Communities & Technologies) this year’s ACIS is special for us.

First of all, ACIS 2011 is organized by the University of Sydney with whom we have started a research cooperation around Social Media In Large Enterprises (SMILE) in 2010. Thus, knowing the venue from our cooperation meetings, we are looking forward to see Sydney Uni hosting this prestigious event.

Secondly, as a part of the SMILE project, Sydney Uni and CSCM are co-organizing a track on Enterprise 2.0 in which 6 papers (chosen out of 18 submissions) will be presented on the second day of the conference. Together with our cooperation partner Deloitte Australia we have moreover invited representatives from a dozen leading Australian companies to discuss the results of the papers and share their own experiences. We are looking forward to an inspiring “research meets practices” event.

Thirdly, when looking in the programme you will realize that in the track “Knowledge Management and IS” our paper “Knowledge Management Goals revisited – A Cross Case Analysis of the Introduction of Corporate Social Software” is highlighted since it is (together with 6 other papers – chosen from 251 submissions) nominated as “Best Paper Candidate”. The paper was co-authored by Alexander Richter, Alexander Stocker, Sebastian Müller and Gabriela Avram and is an outcome of our longlasting (and still not finished) research on Enterprise 2.0 case studies (if you do not already know it, have a look at e20cases).

UPDATE: WE HAVE WON THE BEST KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PAPER AWARD at ACIS 2011 which includes a fast track to the journal of information and knowledge management systems.

Please find our paper attached.

Knowledge Management Goals Revisited – A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Social Software Adoption in Corporate …

We are best paper candidate at ACIS 2011
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