Universität der Bundeswehr München

Network Evaluation Dashboard

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) offer companies new ways to communicate and collaborate. This can lead to more innovation and improved performance. Hence, more and more companies are implementing such tools. However, after a little while, managers often ask “Did this tool keep its promise? What is the real benefit”? So they start evaluating these tools and its usage. When doing so, different quantitative and qualitative measures are collected and evaluated. Some companies are starting to do this on a regular basis. This requires a comprehensive overview of analysis results which can be created and understood easily.
The goal of this thesis is to improve this effort and to conceptualize a web based dashboard which shows the most important facts and figures. The dashboard should allow for quick adjustment of important factors like date range or other factors. Users should also be able to select an appropriate visualization and add dynamic aspects to it if necessary.

After searching the „market“ for ready-to-use open source solutions, you will be be able to work with latest web technologies when implementing existing solutions or developing a new one. And you can show your creativity when designing stunning visualizations with the help of open source libraries to represent the data or when developing intuitive ways to manipulate them. By developing a working prototype, you will experience all the challenges a professional web development project has to offer, from requirement analysis to concept scribbles and project management.

This thesis can also be performed as a project.