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The CommunityMashup is a cross-sectional internal research project. It aims to provide a data integration layer for the application in other projects. This contains for example the CommunityMirrors project and elisa.



CommunityMashup: Integration solution for social meda

The CommunityMashup is an integration solution for data from social services. It unifies and interconnects the data from different sources. This includes e. g. social networking services like facebook, microblogging services like twitter or fotosharing services like flickr but also more specific services like the reference management service and scientific social network Mendeley. In the mind of the “social web” the aggregation and filtering processes are executed with an person-centric focus. The CommunityMashup provides interfaces and framework components to easily integrate social data in concrete application scenarios.


Please feel free to contact Peter Lachenmaier if you have any further questions.


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